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“What You Sow, Is what You Reap”

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 If you want fast results, then our expertise in Ranking Your Business or Video on Page #1 on Google & Youtube is the RIGHT WAY for you!

Get in front of your customers and OUTRANK your competitors with professional (video) marketing of your products, services and brand in NO TIME!

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Even if you don’t have any video, we have options and solutions for that!

What We Do For You And Your (Local) Business

We offer a first FREE Online Meeting or Phone Call, where we will discuss with you what you’ve done so far in terms of marketing and promoting your business to get exposure on the internet.
After we know more details regarding your business, we start to create a custom plan for your business and then we execute it.
We take over all your marketing needs for you so that you can fully concentrate and focus on your core competencies such as customer service or advising.
Alternatively, you can also order straight just those services you are in need and interested in, without our free consultation. In this case just click on the Request or Order Buttons on our site to get our offered services accordingly or send us your individual request by Email.

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Mobile App, Webdesign, E-Shop

Nobody likes old, ugly and slow loading websites – so you need a fresh design to impress your future clients.

Think about to migrate your existing website into a highly performing Mobile App with all its benefits, like

extremely fast loading – unhackable – direct communication with your app users – and many more features …

We have been creating websites and e-commerce / e-shops for over 20 years.
Our experienced English and German speaking team cater to the individual wishes and needs of the respective customer, taking GDPR, DSGVO or CCPA into account.



From our own experience we know that a pure internet presence is NOT enough!
When we started creating websites for our own purpose as well as for a number of customers in the early 2000, we wondered at the beginning why there is NO TRAFFIC coming in, resp. NO CUSTOMERSNO SALES! We have known for long already, that we have to PROMOTE all this ACTIVELY. When do you become ACTIVE?

Facebook Ad

Facebook Ad’s / Google Ad’s and others for Instant Prospects

PPC ( Pay Per Click ) is undoubtedly one of the fastest and most effective advertising measure to target potential new customers over the internet at short notice (lead generation) and at a calculable investment.
It doesn’t matter whether you are already ONLINE, i.e. having an Internet presence in the form of a website, e-shop or social media, or if you are still OFFLINE!
We take over the complete processing, targeting and setup and have the appropriate know-how as well as the necessary software and automation processes to achieve cost-effective advertising on the Internet.

Once a targeted lead will react to your Ad by clicking or filling up a form, you can even get an instant notification on your mobile phone and an entry in a Google Sheet of your new leads for instant follow-up to turn the prospect into a new customer or member.

E-Mail Campaigns, SMS, Push Notifications

You may have collected a list of addresses or customer contact details already … good! And then what?
We often experience that those data end up on the PC or elsewhere and are not processed further … what a great potential is being neglected and wasted! It has never been easier to build up and support a permanent customer base as it is today. There are no high costs for personnel, catalogs, brochures and postage etc. anymore. Large companies have a corresponding budget and employees who do nothing else then taking care of customer loyalty.
This is exactly where we come in and take over the customer care tasks for you. Be it a regular or occasionally sending newsletters by email, SMS or even as PUSH Notification to inform your current customer base or even reactivating previous customer leads with a special offer and so on. We do have the appropriate certified software for such use.


search engine optimization

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

With traditional SEO you can achieve some ORGANIC growth when used correctly. You can lead unpaid traffic to your website or sales in your e-shop, which, however, it takes some time to show results.
Unfortunately, however, nowadays a pure, free search engine optimisation is by far no longer enough!
In today’s multitude of websites and e-shops on the Internet, much more needs to be done in order to be heard or seen! In addition to a clean KEYWORD ANALYSIS and KEYWORD PLANNING, we include e.g. GOOGLE, Facebook – IG or TikTok – ADS (PPC) to get instant traffic on your website or e-shop. This also in order to increase the importance of your website or e-shop on Google to achieve the highest possible ranking.
Many other crucial points play an important role for a high ranking on Google. In addition to a clean website creation with a corresponding rating, backlinks (qualitative traffic from other websites to your own website or shop) also plays a decisive role.

Besides, there are modern “weapons” available nowadays, to speed up all this process of Ranking.


Promotional videos are clicked and viewed up to 3 times more than image ads and have a much better click and conversion rate.
In the case of video ads, we strongly recommend that you create a video yourself, using the means available to you, such as a mobile phone or camera, in order to be able to present yourself to potential customers in a good way. True to the motto, “what you see is what you get”.
Editing your video is part of our service and we do it for you, incl. subtitles, sound design and audio, thumbnail.

Even you don’t have any video, we know how to RANK you in Google and Youtube!


Other Services

Strategy Consulting

In a first free strategy discussion, we analyze your current situation  as well as your goals and wishes and then develop strategies for your path to success

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We check your current, existing internet presence and activities for free and give you advices where and how to go conform or corrections and updates needs to be done. We do all this for you, so you have your back free and can fully focus on your core competencies such as customer service.

ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act )

Does your website and E-Commerce Shop comply with ADA?

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The Americans with Disabilities Act (the “ADA”) is prohibiting discrimination against people with disabilities and has been the source of a tremendous amount of litigation since President George H.W. Bush signed it into law in 1990 and now became law for websites since 2019. 

Lawsuits are typically settled for between a couple of thousand dollars and $25,000 if your website, app or E-Shop doesn’t comply with ADA.

With our checklist of 50 accessibility things to account for on your website, app or E-Commerce Shop we make them compliant with ADA.

Offline Advertising

Traditional advertising measures  such as newspaper ads, newspaper inserts or direct mail, posters, flyers or even television and radio advertising

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are OUTDATED and have had always a very high WASTAGE  as well as a hardly comprehensible  ROI (Return of Investment). Partly, we still recommend this way of marketing, in connection with our Digital Marketing Concepts.

Internet Presence

You need an Internet presence such as a website, mobile app or Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Google and Co.? 

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We take over all of this work for you so that you have your back free and can fully concentrate on your core competencies such as customer service. We’ll do the rest for you.


Social Media

Those who still want to exist in their market in 10 years time  can no longer ignore the new media , advertising, and marketing strategies

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Targeted Marketing

With targeted marketing , the  wastage of effort and money is reduced to a minimum and there is a controlled acquisition of new customers that is measurable and traceable.

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Find Out What We Can Do For You

During our Call or Online Meeting we will analyse your current situation and discuss your needs. You will also learn about the solutions we can offer and how we work.




Particularly in retail and local businesses, we often experience that the topic of customer acquisition and consolidation is not even considered. If a customer gets into a shop somehow and is buying something, that’s unfortunately not enough nowadays! The competition never sleeps, there are more and more online shops and digital marketing strategies available, how does retail want to survive if it is not ACTIVELY doing something to attract customers and in particularly is investing in customer loyalties? We know from our own experience that the acquisition of new customers as well as customer loyalty or consolidation is very often neglected or represent a major hurdle. Well, our primary concern is to prepare you and your company or business for growth. No matter if you are a start-up, a long-established company or entrepreneur, a coach or freelancer, or whether you just want to expand your market consolidation.